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Thursday, September 24, 2009

♥ What To Do With My Life?

I have been faced with a few big decisions lately. One being an Internship at Disney World, second being spring break trip to Galveston Island, Texas, and the last being a two week backpacking trip in Europe. So now I will try to break it down for you...

Internship at Disney World

I applied for an internship at Disney World, had an online interview (passed), and just today had a phone interview. I think I did really well. The women seemed really impressed with all my past work experiences. The internship is from January to May. Which means I would be away from my boyfriend of 4.5 years and everyone I love for 5 months! I really want to do either some merchandising work(for my major), bipity boop boutique or a character. To be a character you have to audition, and to audition you must have acting/performing experience, which I do. I think she said I have an audition in Chicago on Nov. 6th if I get the accepted.

Spring Break Trip to Galveston Island

Last year I went to Galveston Island, Texas for spring break with my friend Jenna and her family/family friends. We stayed in a house right on the beach. It was the BEST! And if we do a trip this year it will be even better because more of our friends want to go now. We would get to stay in the house for free, and her parents friends cook! So, all we would have to pay for is pretty much the plain ticket, which I got last year for about $150.
BUT if I do the internship at Disney I wont be able to have a spring break trip, and I would save money for my next topic...

Backpacking Trip in Europe

A few of my friends really want to go on a two week backpacking in Europe trip in August of 2010. I really don't know how to plan or organize anything like this. I don't know how many places we can see, how many countries we could go to. My friend, Jolene, has family in Italy, and we have a lot of places we wont to see in Italy, so it may just be a trip to Italy. I would love to do more.
Help!!! Please???
I figured the trip could cost $1,568 if we are really good! So, if you have gone on a trip like this I would love to here anyadvise or knowledge you have(cost, timing, planing, activities, pointers).

I want to see it all!!!
The Coliseum...


What to do, What to do???
Help me out!
Love All,

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
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