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Monday, September 21, 2009

♥ My new GUSSY coin purse

So, as I walked past my mail box on my way back from class I took a quick peek in... And my GUSSY coin purses were there! I won them in a giveaway. I kept the striped one for myself and gave the other to Ali for her birthday! They are really well made and super cute. All of our friends want them too. They are like way bigger than I expected so not only do they fit my cards and keys, they also fit my phone. WOOT! If you want to look as cool as Ali and I, check out GUSSY's shop: maggiewhitley.etsy.com

This weekend Heather and Dieter came to visit me at Stout! It was fun, but I had to work half the time and the other half I was really tired.

Ali told me that she really wanted to model for my shop, and it just so happened I wanted to redo some pics anyway. So here are some of the lovely Ali and her awesome fro!

In other news I just found out my four year old niece, Emma, is in hockey! How cute is that?

Anyway I feel weird talking about my self, so why don't you tell me how you are all doing?

Love all!

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
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