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Saturday, August 22, 2009

♥ Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!

Sorry this one is a little long. And will look a little self-centered... but hey it's my blog! ;)

Ok so today I went to Mall of America with my brother Noah, our friend Charles, and my boyfriend Dieter. I had a thirty dollar gift card that my awesome grandma gave me for my birthday, and my mom gave me a little money for jeans. And she gave me two pairs of her pants that were a little too tight in her.

Here is my outfit:

I am wearing one of the pants my mom gave me. I love hand-me-downs! (Sorry for the lack of make-up, I am trying to get rid of my acne)

This vintage belt was my grandmas, she has given me so many awesome things! I got the shirt on clearence for around $4 at Forever 21 like two years ago. I could never pull it off, but today I was like, "Duh, Belt it!" When in doubt, belt it out. lol

I got these earings for around $4-$6, at The Niche, a store run by my major on campus.
I also wore $3.50 brown Old Navy flip-flops. So, over all a really in-expencive out-fit, but I liked it!

With my gift card I bought a really cute sqourt(skirt/shorts), a plain tank and this mini-dress:

It came with the belt :D

And when I came home my Dress from PinkZombies (an ETSY seller) was there!!

Stupidest smile ever! But I was so excited! She did alterations for me and shipped it right away. The dress is so well made and only cost me $17 including the shipping!

Sorry my room is so messy, I promise I will clean it tomorrow. I have a church picnic, take home work, clean my room, and hopefully etsy projects!

Love, Lydia!

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
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